History exists because we say it does

This is not a traditional history blog. I don’t seek to enlighten people about old wars or dead white men, nor do I endeavour to worship the cult of fetishized antiquity. I just want to talk about what history is and where it can go. I cannot stand the exponential prefixization of epochs, but to adopt the language of my enemies, this blog is about post-post-modern history.

There will be a big focus on digital technologies, such as video games as non-pedagogical mediums of thought (rather than the tired claim that “we can teach kids about history through video games!”) and the potential of text mining for shaping knowledges that have been previously out of reach. But I am also interested in millennial historical consciousness, how knowledge of the past is utilized by younger generations (my generation).

I called this intro post “History exists because we say it does” merely to emphasize that I am not interested in teaching “facts,” whether or not they really exist. This blog isn’t about educating. I am just really interested in these historiographical questions, and if I can spark someone to reply with their thoughts or inspire someone to think about their perception of reality, I would be incredibly happy.


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